Entrepreneurship: 3 Principles That Could Make You or Break You…Depending on How You Use Them

Are you an entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur is someone who follows their own path in life.

Entrepreneurs follow their passion. They do not follow conventional “wisdom”; which tells us we must have a regular job in which we get paid for 40 or so hours per week.

This is the norm for most people. This is the path society tells us we must follow.

Being an entrepreneur is a completely different mind set.

It is not an easy path to follow. But the rewards are so much sweeter.

However, it is not for everyone.

Perhaps you are already an entrepreneur. Or you want to be one.

Perhaps you are a writer, an actor, or some other kind of artist.

Maybe you just started your own business or want to start one. Or you might be thinking about starting one.

Or perhaps you are in multi-level marketing trying to build your own business and wealth.

Whatever form your entrepreneurship takes; there are some basic principles that you must understand in order to succeed.

Do you think you have what it takes?

Here are three basic principles that could make you or break you as an entrepreneur, depending on how you use them.

Principle # 1  Expectations

This will break you: Unrealistic Expectations.

You have unrealistic expectations about how much time it takes to build your brand or business.

You also have unrealistic expectations as to how hard you will have to work to make it happen.

Some people will give up when they don’t see immediate results.

Some people will give it a few try’s, and then conclude it doesn’t work. They then move on to the next venture that they think will work. Only to repeat the same pattern again with the new venture.

Then there are those who are under the assumption that all they have to do is the minimal amount of work required and they will see results. They want to work part time and see full time results. After all they are their own boss now. So why should they have to work so hard.

Worse yet, there are those who think all they have to do is set up a website, make a few tweeks, and they will be on their way. This is what many refer to as a turn-key business. There is absolutely no such thing as a turn-key business. If there were, everybody would be doing it.

This will make you: Realistic Expectations.

You know it takes hard work and dedication to be a successful entrepreneur.

You are willing to work long hours.

You are willing to do what other people are not willing to do. You know you will have to give up some things you now enjoy in order to grow your business and succeed.

You know you may not see results for some time despite the many hours of hard work you put into it.

You know consistency is the key.

Tenacity will pay off eventually if you keep at it.

Principle #2 – Time Zone

This will break you: Living in a Conventional Time Zone.

The conventional time zone is a very structured time zone. It is a time zone we have been conditioned to live in since childhood.

In this time zone you know how many hours you work per week and how much you will be paid for those hours.

There is a direct correlation between the hours you work and the compensation you will receive.

If you work 40 hours ; you will be paid for 40 hours.


This will make you: Living in the Entrepreneur Time Zone. 

The entrepreneur time zone is a completely different world from the conventional time zone.

If you live in the entrepreneur world with a conventional mind set; it will be very hard to succeed.

In the entrepreneur time zone you will not see a direct correlation between the hours you work and the compensation you receive.

In fact, when you are first starting out you many see very little if any compensation at all. And this is despite the long hours and hard work you put into it.

This is the entrepreneur time zone.

You will need to keep working at it despite the apparent setbacks and lack of compensation.

Tenacity is the key.

If you keep working at it, you will see results sooner or later.

Many people will give up because they don’t see immediate results.

It takes time to build any kind of entrepreneurship. Where it’s being an author, artist, or business owner. It will take some time.

Unlike the conventional time zone; compensation in the entrepreneur time zone in non-linear. Compensation is not commensurate with the number of hours you work or how much hard work you put into it.

Principle #3 – Mind Set

This will break you: Buying into the Negative Mind Set of the People Around You.

You’ve heard it before.

The negative mindset of others that is.

“Get a real job.”

“You’ll never make any money doing that.”

“You need a reality check.”

“You’re a fool.”

“I sent you to college just so you could do this?”

These are some of the phrases you might commonly hear when you tell someone your are an entrepreneur. Or that you’re thinking of becoming one.

It will help you to realize that many of the people you know most likely live in the conventional time zone.

The majority of people will buy into the dominant negative mind set popular amongst mainstream society.

The conventional mind set is not in itself negative.

It is just the mind set we are conditioned to believe in since the time we can remember that causes people to have a negative mind set around anything that doesn’t fit in with conventional “wisdom”.  The unconventional path doesn’t fit in with their conditioning.

We are cultivated from the beginning to follow the path set by society.

After High School, you either get a regular job or go to college. After college, you get a regular job in which you are paid a regular hourly wage or weekly salary.

Most of the negative people around you are probably stuck in jobs they hate. But they keep doing it anyway because they are stuck in that mind set that most people buy into.

They can’t see it any other way. And can’t understand why you would.

Entrepreneurs have more vision and insight than conventionalites. (Hey, did I just create a new word?!) Anyway, the conventionalites can’t understand or see what the entrepreneur sees.

They will just think you are lazy and don’t want to work.

When nothing could be further from the truth. You actually work a lot harder as an entrepreneur than you would at a regular job.

But they can’t or won’t see that. All they see is that you are doing this thing and not making any money (at first).

So, it is easy to buy into their negativity when you are not seeing results right away.

You might start to think that perhaps they are right after all.

After all, you are not getting anywhere or making any money.

When you get discouraged, it is easier to buy into other peoples negative beliefs about entrepreneurship.

There is nothing wrong with the conventional mind set by the way.

Some people just find it easier and more feasible for there personal circumstances.

Some people don’t want to risk it all. And that is okay. You just need to decide for yourself if you do want to take the risk or not.

This will make you: Positive Mind Set.

Surround yourself as much as possible with like minded people.

Hang out with other entrepreneurs. Join some groups of like minded people. Or create one yourself.

Groups in which you can encourage and support one another.

 Meditation is one practice that will have positive results.

Meditation will clear your mind and negativity won’t affect you as much as it did before. You will be more centered. And you will be able to stay more focused.


What are your thoughts about being an entrepreneur? Do you have any other idea’s that could help entrepreneurs?









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